Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maxiumum Efficency Solar + Jobs & Shelter 4 Homeless

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Solar panels work best when carefully re-aimed at the sun all day long. Making electro-mechanical systems to do this, and keeping them operating, is expensive.

If the panels are built with simple hand cranked adjustments, and the area under them is tall enough to stand in, and is provided with good tarps to run rain off of a substantial portion, then homeless people could do the cranking, and have a relatively warm and dry space to stay on.

They could also be trained to occasionally clean the panels. Each bank could have a wireless monitoring device to display power output, and the homeless person who maintains the highest power output for each hour would get a bonus. Everyone would get paid something, and there could be community showers (solar heated) and toilets and washing machines, common internet terminals and sat dish tv, plus public transit to nearby areas of employment.

You can laugh about this now, but if the economy continues to produce unemployment at current rates, this may be important, as the concentration of wealth in the USA continues, unabated.

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