Thursday, March 17, 2011

George Rebane Wants to Shut Down All Nuke Plants Now!

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I double dog dare you to leave this link up:!5782367/how-does-radiation-travel-and-what-kinds-of-damage-can-it-do

Would you deny the possibility that seawater dumped on the Japanese reactors has already created tons of particles which are now traveling around the globe, looking for one special spot in your body to lodge? And that one tiny particle of radioactive material, sitting in one spot in your body, can cause cancers in the nearby cells, because they are hit repeatedly?

Why did the Carrier Ronald Reagan, stationed 100 miles away from the reactors, up and move further away, several days back? Is her skipper in a better position than the average bear to know what is going on there? How come US counselor personnel and their families are being evacuated AHEAD of regular US citizens? Come on, George, admit it, this is way out of control, and no we don't need to shut down all nukes everywhere over night, that's silly, and not worthy of the mind I thought you had.

Posted at his site, doubt that it will last.

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