Thursday, March 17, 2011

US Counselor Personnel Are Leaving First ??? How Insulting!

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Not enough proof for you that everybody upstairs is lying to us "little people?"

Then how come the FIRST to leave Japan will be all the US Counselor folks, who ought to be the last, if we are not to insult Japan even further.

Insult? Well, it is true the Japanese engineers had 40 years to contemplate the placement of the backup systems, but so did the GE engineers WHO SOLD THE SYSTEM to Japan. Does Japan have a case in the World Court against certainly GE? Does Japan desperately need our help right now to fix things? There must be incredible smoldering resentment going on over there, hidden by the need for help.

Other hint that the Big Boys are hiding the truth?

The canary in my own coal mine was when the mightiest aircraft carrier we’ve got, one full of radiation detection gear, and the planes to fly over the reactors, the Ronald Reagan, then 100 miles offshore a couple of days ago, moved further away.

Jerry Brown should be holding very open and clear hearings about the placement of backup systems in our California reactors. It was news to me to learn that “spent fuel” actually needs cooling as much as the active reactor, and that the rods are stored at the sites, for years.

I have no doubt that somewhere, both Japanese and American engineers who foresaw these dangers, and who were ignored, are shaking their heads and wondering what further they could have done. No shame for them, the could see the possibilities, and did their best to warn, and were ignored.

Best site yet that explains the differences between ways of getting killed by radiation.!5782367/how-does-radiation-travel-and-what-kinds-of-damage-can-it-do

We will never be affected by the ionizing radiation at the plant, which can literally cook your body on the spot, but we can be affected by particles of radioactive debris, knocked loose from the fuel rods, or created when the sea water (every element known to man in seawater) was sprayed on them. Tiny, tiny, tiny, and easily capable of going airborne, just one of these particles inhaled or absorbed through the skin, can kill you over time, time much shorter than your allotted time, and in a very painful way.

Lodged at one point in your body, this radioactive particle will not show as anything more powerful than background radiation does, BUT

Because it does not move around, and randomly zap different cells in different parts of your body, but instead concentrates on just the cells next to it, the damage is cumulative.

The cells next to the radioactive particle have their DNA and RNA shot to hell, and those cells eventually stop functioning, or worse yet, mutate to cancerous cells, and you die.

Seems to me we need to melt down and incase the waste in the nearest subsea continental subduction zone, and add that cost to the "cost of nuclear power." dumping the spent rods into the nearest volcano just won't work. Jerry Brown can add additional research into the old Farallones radioactive dumping grounds to his list of things to be concerned about.


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