Thursday, March 07, 2013

The Stock Market and How It Grew, Like a Balloon in a Blackberry Patch

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Is there anyone other than me who wonders if the recent runup in stock prices really just represents the next level of micro instant stock buys and sells? We already know that folks have gotten filthy rich designing programs that watch for tiny shifts to make decisions to buy and sell, often within seconds from new ownership to sold.  These buys and sells have probably absolutely NOTHING to with the real value of the company, and yet respresent as much as 70% of the trading, according to some sources.

Does this new level include some grand manipulations affecting the entire market? We know for a fact that large brokerage houses know collectively what their customers as a whole and individually are going to do and under what conditions. That how you set up your buys and sells, you have to tell them the conditions under which you wish to do either, so they have a huge advantage in guessing what's going on. Have they now learned how to massage the customers to produce this record rise? If so, when does the weasel go POP?!?!?

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