Thursday, March 07, 2013

Guns and Cars Have a Lot in Common, but Which Is Really Safer?

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Gun and cars do have a lot in common, they both have firing chambers, a space in which a propellant is ignited and the resulting increase in gas pressure causes work to be done. I rather suspect then, that a fair comparison between the safety of cars and guns, needs to be done by examining the number of firings before a fatality occurs. Since cars have engines that typically fire many many times a second, I suspect that despite the higher number of actual deaths, cars are tremendously safer based on the number of times the cylinders are activated safely every year in this country. This is indeed an original thought, and you saw it here first, aren't you lucky!. ©Douglas Keachie, 2013.

For those who need to brush up on the laws affecting gases, try this:

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