Friday, March 22, 2013

Your AR-15 will NOT Stop the Government Takeover that will NEVER Happen.

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Your AR-15 ain't never gonna stop no takeover that's never going to happen. The USA is not 1/2 a planet away like Vietnam. Our troops and all there supplies are right here, the logistics are vastly simpler. Jerkoffs with AR-15's in Memphis? Send in fighter bombers from Knoxville, less than a 1/2 hour flight away, and load them with napalm, or simple chlorine gas, or even more nastier stuff, or maybe LSD, and a smart bomb guiding device.  After all, if the rule of law goes out the window, so do the rules of warfare.

Oh guess what, do you think the Vietcong would have held out against today's technology, as compared to pre-computer cell phone technology? How many GI could have been saved with drones? Give that same kind of technology to Hitler, and see how well the invaded country, with all the rifles and pistols in the world, would have done?  Hmmm, yet another failed rt wing argument bites the dust.

 Ah, but it ain't never goona happen in the first place. Obama sends the order, "round up all the rightys!" Guess what, USA economy immediately tanks, bigtime, and Obama cannot meet payroll or provide food, shortest damn takeover ever, as no country would help him one damn bit, as they need the USA economy, dysfunctional as it currently is. 

Prove me wrong, wannabe Paul Revere's spreading access to dangerous toys, because of unresolved issues involving fear of eventual death, that is inevitable for all, old age it's called. 

 If air canons can blast 30 pounds of pot several hundred yards up over and across border fences, then maybe a similar device is what you need for home defense.

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