Friday, October 26, 2007

The Bridges of Nevada County, Halloween Night

headless horseman, originally uploaded by gravityx9.

Photoshop is quite a tool. I hope to learn to use it well someday, like this artist. I'm assuming that clicking on this will give you the original location, as well as possible make it larger. I got this from the "Blog This". It's by gravityx9 on My images there are at Great Party Invite Image !

Happy Halloween !

(Below....For your kids. grandkids....)

On October 31st, what did the barbeque say to the hotdogs ?

Hallo ! Weenies !

(from the old gold miner on the North San Juan Ridge)


Anna said...

That is quite fine.

spencer said...

hey, thanks for the comment about my post regarding the space program.

that is a cool graphic. I'm no graphic artist, although I have a little bit of background using paint shop pro for my website. I'd like to become more proficient at Photoshops also.

and thanks for the halloween joke. my 7 yr old will love it!

Ted said...

Thats a great picture
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