Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bush Attacks Like Mars Attacks, Unbreakable Codes using Fotos

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Congress has work to do, I get to sit on my rear end and gripe about them. Paint'em Black !"

One more year of this, oh good grief !

This country is always "under construction." I'd wear an American flag pin if it included some sense of a logo like one finds on websites that are "under construction." I think we all need that constant reminder of the true state of affairs. The USA is not Nirvana. With luck it is on the road, but at this point I'd say the President is off the rails and playing in the daisies. As long as all the economic stats are presented from the point of view of of corporations and their lobbyists, and small business people with their need for cheap labor that doesn't complain**, and the true state of affairs of the common employed citizen is never accurately told, we have a long way to go. Our government and our school systems and our Chambers of Commerce and trade organization all fail us in this regard, deliberately, to avoid revolution, I suspect. Don't rock the boat.

A real economic indicator would be the percentage of 30 + hours a week workers who make less than 20% more than the minimum wage. I strongly suspect this number is rising, as is the number of workers holding two or more "part time" minimum wage jobs. Call it the "Bottom Comfort Index." Thanks for all the info on small and large CAPs, but frankly, the impoverished working citizen could give a tinker's dam (a small repair made with lead way back when, not very strong) about where the stock market is. The stock market is the rich folks' score card. For the caddies of the world, it merely represents if the grass is watered or not, they're still walking the course and carrying the load, at least when not out sourced.

The fantasy of the USA is that "everybody can make it big." No they can't. They way the system is set up, only a few can make it big, the rest are needed in the "Bottom Comfort Index," to mow the lawns and fix the cars, etc. The reality is that "anybody can make it big, BUT VERY FEW WILL." If this was engraved in the brains of our middle and high schoolers, daily, they just might be a bit more motivated to study harder, and in particular, find out exactly what skills or background you need to land on the Fortune 400. Hint, most get there (from the bottom) via extreme attention to interpersonal skills, a bit of luck, and well developed specialized knowledge. Accurate self awareness is also near the top of the requirements list, especially when it comes to areas to work on. How many people never make it out of the Bottom Comfort Index during their lifetimes for more than three years ? Now that would be an interesting number to know and teach about.


On privacy and telephones and communications.

While it is more convenient to talk directly with another person, a great deal of information can be transmitted by codes which are just plain unbreakable, and then references can be made to the base information on the phone, without revealing what the base information is. This is much like parents talking in alphabet around pre-school kids.

Unbreakable codes ???

Piece of cake, given the volume of photographs being posted to the web every second. Just using a simple alphabet, where each photo is a letter in a message, and changing the codes with a paragraph marker photo, gives you an unbreakable code. You simply send or post the sequence of photos, and the receiver looks at the images to discover items within each image to derive a letter. You can probably leave the sequence of letters unscrambled, but preset scrambles would give yet another level of security.


if the picture contains an Apple (fruit or computer or IPod), then the picture is the letter "A."

if the picture contains a Ball (joint, baseball, dance ball), then it is a "B"

and so on. This can be changed in midstream with a picture that contains, say, a bridge (dental, river, computer router device), you see how easy it is to find variants on the same unit of meaning, and when you hit this "change" picture, you go to an entirely different set of codes in a set of pictures. This can be expanded to ever increasing levels of complexity very easily.

Actually you can change the bits in one image just slightly, and then send several different variations on the same image, at different times to different locations, email websites, etc, and still carry meaning. The amount of change in a color or density at a given point gives you a letter. This trick I can recall learning back in the late 1980's. The pictures still look perfectly normal, and a simple piece of programming will give you a tool to extract the information. Terrorists can communicate vast quantities of information very easily, and completely undetectably, using these kinds of techniques.

Domestic surveillance is not going to stop terrorism, less dependence on oil will.

A Complaint Free World ?????*

If you are going to accept your environment as it is, fine. Not me. My complaints are very justifiable, just about all of them.

*wear a purple rubber bracelet, change it to the opposite wrist every time you complain. A minister came up with this, six million sold so far.

** When in college, and just out of it, I loved that business person that would moan to me about how he "wasn't making any money," while his equity in the business built up as he paid off all his loans, and provided for his family. Hey that's one of the best lies that ever came my way, and growing up, it came several times. "Why don't you just close up shop and go get a job elsewhere?" was always met with a shrug of the shoulders, and a "well it may get better, and you need you job, don't you?' as if he was a saint, maintaining a worthless business, just for my benefit. I think I got it figured out by age 30 or so. Like I say, they do not teach economic realities in school, from the standpoint of the best interests of the individual student. "...they keep it all hid..." Bob Dylan.

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