Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Hire a Robot ?

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...when you can make a human behave like one ?

Case in point, the call center operators refuse to admit the concept of marriage and a change of name exist.

"When you open an online savings account they check your credit score. If they don’t like it or cannot find it, they can deny you one. FNBO Direct refused my friend’s request to open an account because they couldn’t match her name to her credit score. She had just married and changed her name… But instead of asking her, they just told her “Your credit score is bad” (actually, it was excellent, but the name mismatch somehow got translated into bad score by their program). She had a similar problem in a brick and mortar bank when she tried to open a CD, but the bank let her show them her marriage certificate. When she called FNBO direct they didn’t care, they just said - your credit is bad."

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