Sunday, October 07, 2007

"It is My Intent...," Evangelical Hissy-Fit

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Well, the well-known issues of the religious right (rr) are being put to the test. In an effort to dump the nomination of the most likely Republican to be a winner, Giuliani. the rr is trying to railroad the Republican party onto the rr's siding. By threatening to vote 3rd party or not at all, the rr hopes to block his nomination. I'd rather see a fair fight between Hilary and Giuliani, but if the rr wants to commit political suicide, so be it. The Republicans will never trust or depend on the rr again. They will be viewed as a no longer useful tool for advancing the rich over the poor. Given that the bulk of the rr population is on the lower end of the economic scale, it was really quite an accomplishment on the part of Carl Rove to have corralled them for Bush in the first place. Secretly I might hazard a guess that the Christian women are so ticked off at the men of the world for the current state of affairs, that they may vote for Hilary anyway. This could be the biggest landslide ever. I can't wait to see the exit poll demographics next year.

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