Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bump at the Pump, Boiled in Oil ? Fight Back !

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I just put 7 gallons of oil in my wife's car so she can make it down to Yuba City where she can get it cheaper. The cost, using credit or debit, is now $3.29 in North San Juan. I think the scheme here is to slowly turn up the price, then reduce it back, and then slowly turn it up even a little bit more. A frog will jump out of boiling water, but will sit in a pan of slowly warming water until it is so hot it dies. The American consumer has to start fighting back.

The only way I can think of to do this effectively is to pay cash and buy the cheapest gas possible. We have already cut way back on non essential trips. We don't do real movies anymore, we get them via satellite and Netflics. The cost of garbage is up, so we recycle everything, mulch what we can, and take the remainder air tight to Sacramento and dump it in a relative's otherwise nearly empty can. Corporate America is cost cutting all over the place. The American consumer needs to do the same. Make your own Christmas wraps from aluminum foil and colored paper. Don't buy soft drinks or candy from vending machines. And, BTW, Long's Drugs was selling outdated, by a full month, very flat stale CocaCola last week. I took it back and got a refund. They said they were "sorry." I asked if they would remove the remaining product from the shelf, while I watched. 'Well, no......" Sorry my sweet bippie ! Alway check the dates on coke and everything else. Coke and Odwalla should be at least two months out.

I anticipate an angry bear or two next year when they discover we are harvesting our walnuts, apples, pears, and blackberries in earnest. We going to do a "pick your own" next year, with a very simple price structure. We get one half of the berries etc. you pick, by weight. We been buying in thrift store for years, as well as building material recyclers, like Urban Ore in Emeryville and Habitat Restore in Grass Valley/Nevada City. Stop the flow of cash to China via Walrusmart ("see how they run" "everybody buy China, buy China") and Home Despots (#1 and #2 retailers in USA), and they'll have less cash to buy polluting automoblies, and our real estate !

I recommend . I'll be setting up blogs and sites I like in proper clickable format soon. Too tired to look up codes tonight.

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