Saturday, September 13, 2008

Let's Think Before We Vote.

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Let's think about when life ends....especially if you are a fertilized egg. Please note that McCain and Palin are absolutely sure these things are alive, and therefore cannot be used as a source of stem cells for medical research. Please also note that they are in a frozen state.

Now, my question is, if you thaw these out, throw them in the garbage disposal, incinerate them, etc., are you not murdering them? If McCain Palin were to be elected, would they not be compelled to use precious energy resources on a warming planet (Yes, even Palin came on board, bye bye deniers) to keep these eggies frozen? If, on the other hand they have some way of converting them from living beings to eternal souls in Heaven, without the death process, the rest of us would sure like to hear about it. Why the big secret?

Could it just be that this is one HUGE fatal FLAW in their arguments?

You might call it the Thaw Flaw, very appropriate for an Alaskan, who runs while McCain is pulled along like a Tonka toy?

And BTW, I have no doubt that a moose has a soul, and neither do a great many other peoples. It seems amazing that Palin can strain at a microscopic embryo, while swallowing by shooting, a 1,500 pound moose with a telescopic sight. Hardly gives either a chance. I personally would prefer, were I an embryo about to be murdered by Palin, I would indeed prefer to give my life up for medical research instead.

Actually, maybe a dog sled team, with the lead chihuahua (if you pronounce that the way it is spelled, it sounds Hawaaian) wearing the infamous lipstick, and McCain in the sled, would be a better image than the Tonka toy. I really should learn to draw.

My other would-be political cartoon image is of the Statue of Liberty, her lips smeared with poorly applied lipstick, and the caption reading, "The things I have to endure to have free elections in a democracy.” Crabb or Toles, are you reading this?

And finally, how come we hear nothing from Nancy Reagan, wife of Great Republican God Ronald Reagan, and now kept as far from view as possible by the RNC? I'll bet they are doing anything and everything to keep her from coming out and making a statement in favor of Obama, based on her opinion of the needs for embryonic stem cell research. In a way, she is the most powerful woman on earth such an action by her could sway the election.

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Anonymous said...

IF they win, get the hell out of the country. This is my advice.
Leave the other half to the morons who voted them in. Save yourself.