Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Boycotting Rush is NOT Affecting His Right to Free Speech

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Rush has a perfect right to say whatever he wants. I have a perfect right to buy whatever I want. If I and a great many others are exercise our rights, and let manufacturers know our preferences for their products may be linked to the shows they advertise on, those are ALL very American Rights.

Rush Limbaugh still has the right to spout off just as much as he wants to. Whether or not advertisers will pay for him to have a microphone to the entire USA on loan from God, well, it is their American right to decide, as they own the stations. Rush can join the folks down at 6th and Mission. He'll fit right in. Nobody is stopping his free speech. Or do you believe that Rush alone is entitled to a nationwide audience? If he is, we all are. Curiously enough, the broadcasters hold a different view.

So, is there a "Rush Entitlement" in the Constitution? If so, please show me where?

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