Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Your 1 Minute, 4 Year Degree in Social Sciences

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The root cause of society's ills is simple: "Make it as cheaply as you can (pollution controls be damned), paying as little as you can, importing illegals to do so, reducing taxes via lobbyists, and then let the society as a whole take care of the resulting mess, while you hoard the profits every which way, including stashing them offshore." 

This explains healthcare, budget deficits, prison problems, family discords, drugs, slums, etc. You've just had Keachie's 4 year degree in the Social Sciences distilled into one brief paragraph.

If employers paid more by hoarding less, all the boats would rise. Better home life with healthcare = better educated kids = less drug use = fewer unplanned pregnancies = happier families, = fewer folks in prisons = more productive GDP.  Republicans fail to understand the situation, and fail join in to solve it, and instead aggravate the situation even more,  with the laws and candidates they push. WHY???

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