Friday, March 09, 2012

Local Advertisers, Abandon Rush!

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Note to Steele and Todd Juvinal

No need to back off. It is not a free speech issue. The beauty of SuperPacs, Obama has no control over returning donations, and people including Russ Steele have to PAY to listen to Bill Maher, and thus it is NOT a public use of the airwaves. You don't like Maher? Boycott your private tv dish or cable provider. In the meantime plans are afoot to have a trailer that is pulled about town with the names of local advertisers who support Rush on KNCO. Of course it will absolutely up to code for everything, and equipped with front and rear videocams, and obeying the laws religiously. Now that's free speech! I have no desire to have KNCO go silent, I just want them to make better use of those three hours. If reducing local advertising revenue is going to "hurt" them, then consider the following:

If KNCO gets national attention directed at GV/NC for dropping the Rush show, it may bring a lot of interest, new people, moving in, and/or being tourists. In short, more money, and more local advertising. losing Rush could be the start of a whole new and more prosperous world, and I really doubt that the major advertisers dropped him without doing a lot of market research, and realized that he was becoming a liability even before he pushed the slut button. It was a great out for them. "Gee (to loyal ditto-ites) we're so sorry we had to drop him, but you do believe in family values, don't you?"

Speaking of which, should a school teacher EVER even vaguely suggest, even in unintentionally overheard private conversation, that a colleague, an administrator, a parent, or God totally forbid, a student, was a SLUT, Steele and Todd would have their job instantly. So, the moves against Rush are payback for your and Rush's attitudes towards teachers, as seen everywhere. Rush can go to 6th and Mission, and blab all he wants. He has no special entitlement to a nationwide microphone, or an Armed Forces radio network microphone.

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Don Pelton said...

Not only is that free speech at its best, it's also the free market at work, which -- as we all know -- is infallible.