Tuesday, March 06, 2012

S.O.S. Save Our Rush Bucket!

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At Rebane's a frantic distraction effort is going on.  My comment is:

"Steven F, I don't see a lot of Rush Limbaugh defending on this thread."

It's a case of forest and trees, Mr. T.  The fact that the thread exists in it's present form, which is to go chasing only after gov paid or unpaid contraception, and I have been warned to stay "on topic," very clearly shows it is a destroyer, along with many other such blogs and Fox commentators, circling the stricken aircraft carrier, sending up smoke, hoping to screen off the view, and prevent any more damage. By framing the topic, the Right attempts to salvage the argument, even as the bilge pumps fail, and Rush capsizes, on the way to the bottom.  R.L Crabb, where are you?

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