Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Misc. Privacy Issues. Local Adverts on Rush

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  • What is the purpose of the new "Timeline?" Look at what happens as you use it. You look first in one column, and then in the second column, and then back to the first, and so on. What is the logic here? Seems to me, as I finally explored it, that my normal, ignore the right hand crap at all times, was interrupted, and that my eyes were put into an unnatural roaming mode. I think the purpose was simple, to get us to look at more ads. Timelines are straight, not bouncy crooked, and most of them are horizontal, not vertical. Nice try at hiding the real motive, no cigar. Wonder if this will be deleted? Screen shot time!
    · · · 29 minutes ago

  • Verizonwireless just added a new "feature" that lists your four top dialable people in boxes across your screen. A great way to generate more "pocket" or "butt" dials, and determine who you really like. I am getting very annoyed with FB and other companies attempting to find out who likes who, in hopes of selling more goods. You can dump this feature, or anything else you don't want, by holding down on it for 4 - 8 seconds, until the trash can shows up.
    · · · 44 minutes ago

  • KNCO now has a "feature" called "Restaurant Review" which was a Baskins Robbins adn IHOP local ad, thinly disguised, during Rush Limbaugh, at 9:48 am this morning.
    · · · 2 hours ago

    Baskin Robbins is also supporting Rush.  If you wish to picket, try this: Ahha, the perfect sign for picketing: "This establishment supports the Rush Diet. Is that the one you are on?"

  • Douglas Keachie Dokimos Pharmacy ad at 9:56.
    2 hours ago ·

  • Douglas Keachie Maule Windows at 9:57
    2 hours ago ·

  • Douglas Keachie Rush is claiming victory. Tofanellis is advertising at 9:58
    2 hours ago ·

  • Kris Wilson
    I thought Rush's "bosses" suspended advertisement for 2 weeks?

    This is a sneaky way to save advertisers from jumping ship because the "bosses" think people wont boycott if they think there is no advertisement and in 2 weeks they also probably think the public will forget everything. It is all about saving advertisers from pulling out. Rush is losing money for his show. To some extent this will work because Americans do have a short attention span.

    2 hours ago · · 1

  • Shelley Watten Hanan Nothing changed.
    about an hour ago · · 1

  • Katherine Brousse Porebski Has SPD pulled their ads???

  • Douglas Keachie I am only spot checking, too much Rush destroys my mental happyness.

  • Douglas Keachie Nevada County citizens, at least 51% of them, are smarter than the average bear, and a lot smarter than the average dittohead.

  • Ryan Mount Why are you listening to this cretin?

  • Douglas Keachie To identify the cretins who are paying to keep him on the air.

  • Douglas Keachie The two week hiatus apparently has allowed the locals to pick up ad spots for next to nothing or free, or even the promise of more ad time elsewhere at a later date, who knows? I'm amazed the local businesses would take the chance.

  • Ryan Mount I guess if you want to take on the mantle of watchdog, more power to you. Frankly I haven't listen to that (except accidentally) since 1994 when he referred to homeless people as "human refuse." I don't want to contribute to his Arbitron ratings by rewarding his bad behavior.

  • Douglas Keachie I would hope that each person who signed that petition would do 10 minutes a week, and post to their FB accounts. That way the general awareness would cause a drop in sales, and the local advertisers would just say "no." I'm not going to do it all alone. If others don't pick up on it, why should I suffer, unless someone wants to pay me. You can bet the Koch Brothers won't.

  • Ryan Mount Go protest out in front of Baskin Robbins, Maule's and Dokimos. Aren't they the real enablers?

  • Douglas Keachie They are, but circulating the information among the two to three hundred GV/NC folks I'm connected to on FB is much more effective, as most lean in favor of boycotting already. If we all did this, I suspect they'd cave immediately.

  • Douglas Keachie ‎"I don't want to contribute to his Arbitron ratings by rewarding his bad behavior." No can do, unless you are one of the chosen who actively monitor their listen habits and report to Arbitron, OR, you use an Internet based radio tuner. I like Audials 9, but am aware that they can and most likely do track like crazy, for extra revenue. It is such a handy way to record both audio and video, and make copies on CD's, DVD's, so I accept the tradeoff.
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