Saturday, July 28, 2012

Local Tax Loopholes

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The most obvious loophole of them all drives through in and around us everyday, and parks in the lots for boat launching ramps at all our local lakes. There ought to be a site for photos of commercially labeled trucks towing luxury stinkpots to Tahoe, Bullards and Scotts Flat, such that the IRS can look at the plates and signage, and then look to see if the vehicle is 100% declared as "for business only." Unfair? No different than rousting the homeless from under the overpasses, on a tip from a "concerned citizen."

Likewise motorhomes, supposedly for convention and other presentation use, in campgrounds, with the magnetic and canvas signage removed.

Another? Building materials bought (or at least declared for) for business use that winds up in private residences. We need monitoring for this sort of abuse, more so than for voter fraud. Why do 97% of business in USA make less than $250,000? Because the overage is carefully "deducted" first. It camouflages the local heavyweights into slightly high middle class. Shall I go on? Nope, don't want to run up the spamometer.

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