Friday, July 27, 2012

Some Tidying Up

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In a gun control discusssion, I replied: "Well Greg, if that be the Morgan State Incident, in which the engineering student turned cannibal, I am unable to find any evidence of the Administration angonizing over anything. How many folks in the Aurora Theater could have been eaten before the cops arrived. Probably not even one. Assault Firearms of every kind are the "Fast Foods" of Murder, Inc. "

As for quibbles about what is or is not an "assault rifle," let's cut to the chase and call stuff "assault firearms" and have different classes of such things, with different restrictions on purchases of both ammo and for the weapons themselves. Apparently some libertarian and other similarly minded willful creatures are defending the term itself "assault rifle" ( differentiating between auto and semi auto, as if your finger can't active the trigger 100 times in a minute) and a strict definition with the tenacity that led to placing the flag on Iwo Jima, to avoid any controls being placed on other weapons, like say the 12 gauge that apparently caused most of the wounds. Any unidirectional bomb device is made to assault something, be it a beer can or a baby. And all firearms are unidirectional bomb devices, except for one that malfunctions such that it explodes in the user's hands.

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