Friday, July 20, 2012

NRA, CCW's, and Aurora, Colorado

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Please read with a Jonathan Swift frame of mind. 

For the esteemed members of the NRA, CCW carrying enthusiasts, and their supporters, who truly believe that having everyone in the theater armed would have stopped this tragedy.  In fact, such a situation, having everyone armed, might have led to a huge bloodbath. Original shooter opens fire, and immediately ten people in a 360 degree circle around him pull out their weapons and shoot him, or at least someone with a gun, quite possibly one of the other nine. It would be a chain reaction, not unlike a nuclear bomb, and easily 1/3 of the occupants of the space involved might wind up dead or wounded.

If being shot early in the game was supposed to be a deterrent, let's remember this gunperson is crazy, under one definition or another, and, if he is planning on being dead afterwards anyway, he will rejoice in the thought of the carnage that will surely occur. How would you know in such a situation that there is not more than one initiating gunperson involved? They are not sending out information in advance.  If you are watching a movie or otherwise engaged, the gunman will always get off at least one shot, regardless of how many CCW's present.

Solution?  Carry a smallish tire iron or railway spike, and practice throwing it in a safe place.  If every citizen had one of these, then there might be injuries, and there will always be that first shot, but any gunman would be inundated by these, and brought down pronto.  It's not too hard to imagine the weapons being knocked free of the hands of even the most armored suspect, under a hailstorm of tire irons.  The cross section of a tire iron is greater than that of a bullet, and thus more likely to hit the gunperson's weapon.

Thanks to Jason Pace: "To me, the more pertinent question is "Would the event have been different if the emergency exit had an alarm on it?" and I think the answer is absolutely yes, and every theater in this country should re-enabled the alarms they've likely disabled because lazy people use emergency exits as normal exits since they open directly into the parking lot. In time, people will learn not to open those doors except in the case of an emergency. "

 In reality, despite the body armor, neither the death penalty nor getting shot was going to stop him from his manaical vision, so forget, laws or CCW's, he was going for it, and the body armor was there to carry out the vision, not to protect his life.  For whatever reason, with that much intelligence, he knew his life would be forfeit one way or the other,  Pace's suggestion is the best one ever for movie theaters. Also, I think it is high time we did the experiment, with paint ball guns, in a darkened theater, with our shooters color coded, to see who really winds up shooting whom.

He knew his life was forfeit, one way or the other, I suspect he felt it was over when his wonderkind existence ended with failing whatever it was in his neuroscience program occurred. Perhaps he was never able, regardless of what he did, to please mom and dad, who knows? The body armor was strictly there to keep him standing to do major damage. Thanks for the jamming of the drum magazine, using one thus prevented the carnage he could have done with more reliable mechanisms in shorter bursts. 

One cowboy approach might have worked, lasso from behind. 

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