Friday, February 09, 2007

Avoiding Identity Theft on Your Birthday

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One should never give out one's birthday, if one wishes to avoid ID theft, so annoucing things like "Today is your birthday!" and 'WhenI'm 64" and various other Beatle's tunes is a bad idea.

We're still not on Mars in person. Big disappointment. I'm glad Nicole Smith took the heat of the astronaut.

Growing older ticks me off, I've decided not to do it anymore. The reason time flies for older people is that they take more naps.

The Iraqis have finally figured out how to hunt in packs, just like lions and other predators. Up to now the US copters have been safe, but I suspect that the Iraqi glory hogs finally got together, and using two way radios/cell phones, or even land lines, they've set up spotters all over the place in a given area. Then they relay speed and direction information as soon as a chopper takes off. Eventually the chopper passes over a fully alerted and waiting group with just plain old machine guns and RPG's. The effect is an IED in the air. What's surprising is that it took this long for them to figure it out.

Bush, ever the opportunist, will report it as, "advanced weaponry from Iran," and, like a gambler way in over his head, he'll stumble over there to bloody the noses of US citizens everywhere, with more stupidity. If astronauts can fall off the wagon, why do people think that it can't happen to presidents ? We need sanity tests for our leaders, as well as our astronauts.

In the meantime, China is building an extremely advanced rail line from China to Turkey, through some of the richest oil nations on the planet. The US burns while President Bush fiddles.

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