Thursday, February 01, 2007

Homeland Security Needs a Youth Wing, Fox News Needs a Mirror

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I can't believe Boston. And the Boston Mooninites.

I can't believe Fox. Will PacMan have a revival and rule the World for Osama ? Good Grief !

Today Fox ran a total rehash of yesterday, including the fact that they started receiving emails immediately from the younger generation telling them exactly what the image was. What was so difficult about calling Turner Broadcasting and starting an investigation?

Why didn't Fox report as part of the news that the younger generation had a much better idea of what it was than Fox did ? Or at least that the younger generation had some "Information of Interest ?"

Could it have been that Fox needed the Terror story to sell air time ????
Yeah, that might be it.

With MIT's science research labs stuffed full of youthful scientists and Harvard's business school crammed with budding entrapmentaneurs, surely a quick caucus would have focused on Turner quickly, and analysed a circut board with a few batteries as not having the volume to contain a sufficient sized bomb to do much damage.

Maybe Homeland Security should invest in free floating occasional groups of youth culture experts to analyse situations like this.

So much for the "chicken little story of the day."

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