Sunday, February 04, 2007

Just to prove I Tried to get this made right..

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This is a series of items I posted, and then Google's screwed up reposting of them.. This is absolutely my last post

UNLESS A HUMAN FROM PLANET MEGACORP GOOGLE decides to bless me with a reading of the issues, and a thoughtful resolution.

Hope Springs Eternal !

bye for now.....

I posted over in another area, and my first post was modified when
posted to eliminate some crucial information needed to solve the
issue. I tried posting back to that area, and was blocked. So I will
try again here.

OK, even dumber, their blacking out the email addies I so carefully
published, probably from themselves too. They are absolutely
necessary for solving this problem.

Fortunately I checked before logging out, so here comes the scrambled
but legible by humans version of the emails in question.

First part of old addy is:

The second part is

They are joined by the usual (at) sign.

The first part of a currently working addy is:


The second part is

Again they are joined by the usual (at) sign.

On Feb 4, 10:48 am, Keach wrote:

> I get one shot at this, as, unless something changes, I may never be
> able to log in again. In a nutshell, as I have posted to my blog at:

> "So this will be the last post unless I can get through to a Google
> human, which is not likely.

> I had already determined that what I thought would have been the
> Google ID I'd set up a year and one half ago, and then never used, did
> not respond to any of my passwords.

> So this time I put in my old email addy, now long dead, and one of my
> most likely passwords, and presto, I'm in like Flynn. The only
> problem is that now they are sending a confirming email to the dead
> address, without ever bothering to ask if it is still valid. Dumb,
> dumb, DUMB GOOGLE !

> So either it will reset and give me a second try after it maybe
> realizes that the email account is a deader, or it will simply freeze
> me out. We shall see."

> If someone who is in control will be so kind as to change the email
> for me from [email address] over to [email address], I will
> be able to stay in touch. Otherwise, it is totally sayonara for me
> from my blog of four years.

> Why do you not have a chance to at least PAY the $10 and talk via
> email at least to someone who is human and can handle these kinds of
> issues, which will not be handelable via message boards which will be
> out of reach, as soon as I log out this one time ??????

> Microsoft has already done this number to me. There sits my hotmail
> blog, I can still see it, and turn up items in it via Google search,
> but I cannot reach it, or anyone at Microsoft to make the changes so I
> can change it.

> Here's my challange. Is Google as DUMB as Microsoft ?

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