Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well, this may be the last post....

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Google announces join up or shut up. Unless I join and stay joined, I'm locked out, after this post.

Google has pointed the gun at my privacy, and the most obvious question, "Can I delete the Google Toolbar, and still access Google and GMail without being so obviously tracked ?" is not answered anywhere convenient. I also just got 20 SPAM comments, even with moderation turned on, so now I have to turn on moderation + identify the letters and numbers to avoid those hassles.

I will create a google only email for them to write me as I explore it a bit further. I have my way of tracking them. You can't ask such questions until AFTER you've signed up. Wonder if this post will last ? TypePad here I come. It's like I only have about six different email enabled sites, three of them anonymized completely, that I can set up on. Actually, I am going to experiement a bit with setting of a vBulletin site (BBS) first for Nevada County and the high country. This may take awhile. At, surfer girl!

In the meantime, commenting on is always fun.

Eeeeeekamouse !

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