Friday, February 02, 2007

Clock Closer to Midnight, Way Closer.....

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Some how or other (is that all one word ? "Somehoworother" "Somehow or other"), 4 choppers go down in two weeks.

Does this move the US closer to direct force against Iran ?

Is it really Iranian sourced, or a double sting to give the US the excuse to attack Iran ? (Did we supply the missles ?)

We will probably never know, but for me the doomday Clock moves much closer to midnight.

50 choppers in 4 years, but 4 in two weeks ???? WTF ???? Where's the Fire ???
At that rate we'd lose 200/year.

Something has changed.

"If confirmed, it would be the fourth helicopter lost in two weeks.

Last month, 12 US soldiers died when a Black Hawk military helicopter crashed near Baghdad. The helicopter is believed to have been shot down.

The US military has lost more than 50 military helicopters in Iraq since May 2003.

"I can confirm that we are looking into reports that a helicopter went down north of Baghdad," US military spokeswoman Lt Col Josslyn Aberle said.

Reuters news agency quoted an unnamed Iraqi military source as saying his unit saw the helicopter go down near Taji, about 30km (20 miles) north of the capital.

"We don't know the reasons for the crash, nor its exact site because the US army has sealed off the area," ...

How come some ground forces in Iraq can suddenly down the most powerful US whirlybirds ?
We are paying too much attention to blinking billboards with antique video game characters.

hey, with Hugh Hewitt apparently supporting Romney in his new book, anything can happen.

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