Friday, February 16, 2007

Less Stress for the Average Citizen, Via TV Remote Automation

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My microwave knows to run for 1 or 2 or 3 or more minutes with just one push of a button. How come my TV remotes, even the most expensive ones, don't have this feature ?

Could it be that Sony makes tv's and owns media which they use to sell products like HeadOn and KaBoom ?

Could it be there's a giant conspiracy to force people to listen to commercials??? Without a doubt it is far easier to push a mute button followed by one digit for a full minute or minutes of sound off, or two or three digits for xx number of seconds of silence. This is not rocket science.

I am continuing to look for such a device or a work-around that I can build. I am totally amazed at how little is written about this concept. The closest I've come to finding it is an arthritic patient who wanted something to adjust his bed automatically at night. Another person claimed a schematic for it was at a newsgroup site, and I'm still looking for it.

So, how about a timed button pusher, a remote with a timer mechanism, etc. Where is it ? I can't imagine that nobody else thinks this is important. Things you can do with one finger, reinvest your entire investment portfolio via etrade,. but you can't get timed silences from head-On, activon, the force driving me to get this ball rolling. Never buy a product that causes the problem it purports to cure.

KaBoom go the advertizing stressors !

I will be watching this post anonymously from another machine to see if it disappears. I have a copy ready to repost if necessary.

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