Sunday, September 14, 2008

Are There Terrorists in the USA ???

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If you think they are so well trained that not ONE OF THEM HAS LOST HIS COOL and blown his cover, you are pushing the limits of psychological credibility.

Picture this. you are Muslim Terrorist. You hate Americans, yet you are forced to be Mr. nice Guy and live with them, day after day, waiting for the order to kill a few. Days pass, weeks pass, years pass, and yet still no orders. You hate Americans, they cut you off in traffic, they say nasty things about your cause, they insult your women, they torture your comrades in Gitmo, on and on and on it goes. There are hundreds of you, thousands of you, and yet NOT ONE SNAPS EVER? I just don't think that is statistically possible. They are not here. More WMD's for FUD in little minds.

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