Sunday, September 14, 2008

God Loves Ryghty Technology Only ????

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From my comments in The Union:

You know, Darwood, I did research into the Bakkan Formation a couple of months back. I too got taken in by it, until I hit the report in USGS that gave the high number only a ONE chance in TWENTY of hitting the numbers you discuss, and then ONLY if we keep gas at $5/gallon or even higher, depending on your beliefs in God backing new discoveries.

It is so INTERESTING to me to see how God will provide if it right wing technology (better oil drilling) BUT how GOD WILL NOT PROVIDE, if it is left wing (solar) technology, when it comes to innovations. Look at your electric bills and figure out what you pay each year for air conditioning. That is absolute solar power you could be HARVESTING, instead of paying PG&E to make it go away. And that's despite your insulation efforts!

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