Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Gets to Own America ???

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Where does McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden stand on the top one percent owning 20% of the nations wealth, when in 1980 it used to be 8%, according to Robert Reich, former Secretary of Labor? How long can this country stand as a nation with this nonsense? At those rates, a 3 fold increase in 28 years, the top one percent will own the entire country by 2100, and none of the rest of us will own anything. When is enough, enough? Why do we have so many Dick Cheney's and so few Paul Newman's? What do we do to reverse this trend? this is what I call, "The New Feudalism." Get to work, serfs, if you can find a job...

What's the difference between a Union Boss and your Employer? At least we can see where the Union Boss has a personal interest in you getting a bigger share of the pie (more dues, higher Union Boss salaries possible). The Employer (private OR public) has no interest in that, whatsoever, in paying you any more than what he can get away with, as what you get is what he loses.

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