Monday, September 29, 2008

Free Showers at the Workplace

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I have felt, for the longest time, that shower and locker facilities at a place of work would encourage lunch time exercise activities, on the way to work activities ( like bicycling) etc. How about no permitting fees, no increase in property taxes, for such facilities, when they are made available to ALL employees (not just the Boss Man & cronies)?

OK, businesses are strapped for cash. Have the government pay 90% of all the costs for the first 1 percent of businesses that get their Rec. Showers up and running and in regular use (30 days continuous operation, 1 shower for each 10 employees), 80% for the next 4%, 70% for the next 5%, 60% for the next 5%, and so on down.Any businessman would know that it would give him an edge in hiring, and there'd be an Oklahoma style loan rush at the banks to get loans to install them.

Gains in productive via fewer days lost, and perkier employees would make up the rest of the costs. Allow for cooperative showers, serving multiple businesses in one 150 yard area (2 minute walk max) so as to take advantage of empty real estate.This would be especially good where space on site is maxxed out.

Another Keachie Koncept.

PS You could even have the government PAY the businesses if they allowed non profits to supervise the bathing of the homeless during non business hours.

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