Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Few teachers I Need to Thank.

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Elementary: Mrs. Gufstafson, Miss Quino, Mrs. Nemechek, Mrs. Trimble, Herr Mann, Marleoff,

Middle/High: Mr. Lewis. Mr. Winterholler, Mrs. McCurdy, Mr. Pearl, Mr. Gomez, Mr. Sustaric, Mrs. Small, Mr. Tudesco, Mrs. von Kaschnitz, Mr. FitzGibbon

Sierra College: Dr Berutti (Best teacher ever) Dr Underhill, Coach Chesney, Harold Chastain, Floyd Wilmoth? (geology), English prof I can visualize as plain as day, can't get the name to show up,

UC Berkeley Alan Dundes, Sherwood Washburn, Laura Nader (yes AR, his sister, Law and Anthropology, took course with Michael Savage, nee Weiner), Penny D'Haemer'a (tie for 2nd best with John Coliier, Jr., SF State, grad work), many others, these are the best.

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Joyce said...

Dr. Underhill would definitely be in my "best teacher" category. I was surfing for alumni info from Sierra College & decided to look for Dr. Underhill, & came across your blog.
Joyce Faler
Sierra College 1976-1978