Friday, September 19, 2008

Almost Free Invention to Stop Burgleries and Robberies

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Almost Free Invention* from the brain of Douglas Keachie.

Aftre hours sticky paint mats across all aisles, such that incoming would be slowed down and feet and clothing would get marked. Use a disposable release liner to roll them up in the morning and store in airtight containers. At a minimum, you would get shoe size and approximate weight of intruder. As a deterrent, one large broken window would pay for them, in addition to the insurance hikes saved.

Of course, using junk paint diluted with lots of water and pieces of plywood, you could create a couple of patches each night. Add in a bunch of ball bearings, and you might get a side benefit of winning America's Funniest Home Videos!

PS A simple button or a switch and a big bell would not be a bad idea either

This was inspired by a recent after hours robbery at a local pharmacy.

*Almost free, I get 1% of the gross.

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