Friday, May 29, 2009

Comment Killers Loose at The Union

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Your use of the bully pulpit of the delete comment (at those speeds of deletion, not much doubt about who is doing it) is no different than a Ryghty Radio Queen using the slider to douse the volume of a caller with cogent arguments, making such a caller sound like they have no response, or that they agree with the host.

Dirk Steele and Charly Wigglesworth turn out to be the Wizard and the Man Behind the Curtain, one and the same. As soon as number one computer is up with Photoshop, I'll post the proof. I had a comment that revealed the workings of the report abuse button disappear in less than two minutes. I had other comments, totally harmless, not violating any rules, disappear. I am screen capturing to jpegs images as evidence, but need to receive the parts I've ordered for my main machine, in order to do neat posts.

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Anna said...

Would you like me to resurrect the Comment Purgatory, on NCVoices?

(say yes only if you're willing to repost your deleted comments there...)