Friday, May 22, 2009

Who's Responsible for Hard-to-Teach Kids?

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"Hold them accountable to the same standards we all have to live by. And when you get cut, complain to within where the waste is, not us who are already giving you billions."

Fine, and if you'll stop giving us kids from overstressed homes and 50% divorce rate homes caused by overstressed underpaid workers, maybe we educators can give you back better educated kids to compete in the global economy for fewer dollars. Every screwed up, time wasting, chewing up the clock kid that shows up on the doorsteps of our schools is the responsibility of the public and the employers who pay too little, and religions that say baby, baby, baby, because the bigger the congregation, the more lavish the lifestyle of the church leaders.

Teachers do not produce hard to teach kids. The American public does. Quit scapegoating, and look in the mirror. Boy am I in a good mood this morning!

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Don Pelton said...

As a parent, I've often wondered why it always seems to be the case that we under-appreciate and underpay the most important people in our community, those who take care of and teach our children. And then we expect miracles on top of that.