Friday, May 08, 2009

Who's Making a Monkey of Whom?

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Scientific American discusses the not so very scientific Americans, as Don Pelton has noted in his blog. I chimed in with:

Among other things, we do not come from monkeys, but rather, monkeys and us have a far distant common ancestor, neither human nor monkey.

I find it fascinating that a number of daytime talk shows have adopted DNA paternity tests (valid and very reliable) and lie detector tests (nowhere near as valid and reliable) has the key elements of tragic/comic "whose baby is this anyway?" shows.

Which Mr. Monkey and Ms Monkey are so crazy as to go on air to untangle situations that are really odd to begin with? Of course there are no shows featuring the offspring of such unions five years and ten down the pike, and showing those consequences.

Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the population gets themselves in these situations, they never seem to run out of applicants to be on air. This fact alone tells us the quantity of mentalities out there that can go around proudly proclaiming, "they didn't come from no monkey." Their behavior and awareness of science seems to suggest de-evolution is taking place too.

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