Friday, May 15, 2009

Dividing a Cat Between 2 Households

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In Yuba, California, two people are fighting over who gets custody of a cat. My comment in The Union newspaper follows:

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Keachie, Release 4.0 wrote:
In a world where making a good income and raising a family (the middle class lifestyle of the 1950's) has become impossible for many, a dog or cat offers companionship. In the absence of family humans, the bonds with family felines and canines can become very strong. I would recommend that this particular cat be put in foster care for 90 days, and each "parent" be put in charge of a kitten of intelligence, each one from the same litter, and picked out by the human who gets it. During the ninety days, have the cat checkers (these folks who check out homes before adoption) drop in from time to time.

At the end of ninety days, she or he who scores highest, gets the older cat as well. The loser now has a consolation kitten, and the pain of loss is eased.

Solomon couldn't have done it better, if I may say so for myself. (doubt many posts this thread, we shall see)

Douglas Keachie

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