Friday, May 08, 2009

Growing a Financial Genius Crop of School Children

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We need a strong grass roots movement to pass a Constitutional amendment for a national usury rate of 18% max. I've been calling for this for years.

Financial math should be taught hard starting just after the big four of addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.

In 5th grade, every kid should get $50 to invest in any of 50 different areas. They should have the right to move the current value of their holdings to any other area, once a month. With computers, this is very doable. They get to cash out 50% of their holdings at 10th grade. If they graduate HS, the government has a lottery at every high school, and the winner gets a bonus of 1 dollar for each graduating senior in the school + $1 for each dollar invested successfully, with a $500 minimum.

I'd love to see the banks try to scam the resulting population.

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