Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Modifying Affirmative Action for 21st Century

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Affirmative Action can be changed two ways, one very,very simple, one rather complicated, to make the process more just.

Simple, simple,

If the first candidate selected turns down the position for any reason, the second candidate becomes the most qualified, regardless of socio/economic/racial background.

More complicated:

All jobs, scholarships, contracts, whatever, that fall under the heading affirmative action, are referred to a state commission which in secret spins a wheel. The results remain secret, until the final five for the slot are selected, in both affirmative action and non affirmative action mode. Then the commission is contacted for the results. If affirmative action, they go with that list. If not, they go with the no bias list. The odds of being one or the other on the wheel are set every gubernatorial election, by the voters. When Hispanics outnumber whites, they are no longer minorities.

Keachie, building new boxes from pieces of old ones.

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