Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Build a Better Ghetto School

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You need to build a school that is equipped like a mini country club, has holding cells with full av links back to the classroom the kid just got thrown out of, a couple of burley guards to hustle the misbehaving to the holding cells, and a teacher with FINAL and unquestionable authority to send the offending kids out. No amount of keveching by the parents accomplishes anything. Teachers are reviewed by peers from other school districts, so no favoritism can be involved.

As a final punishment, for kid, if you get sent out, you get standard school cafeteria food, instead of the dynamite custom prepared yummy lunches.

Full after school supervision and rides home to the doorstep, so that homework can be accomplished free of environmental hassles.

School would be shaped as a three story plus building with a large central protected courtyard with swimming pool/basketball courts. Track on roof of building. Underground protected parking for teachers, full shower facilities for all teachers, par course.

Pullup enclosed docking areas for 18 wheeler based special unit labs in many subject areas, rotated in from other schools. This would accommodate special labs for the sciences, and a full sweep of voc ed.

Many field trips.

The cycle of poverty could be broken. Yes, by all means, build these using local labor and contractors.

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