Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Too Big, Too Wierd, Too Scary.

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"I want to remove from office judges who approve "sexting" for minors as young as 13."

I responded in The Union newspaper in Grass valley as follows:

Geez, I just learned of sexting from the sheriff's letter this week. Where is there such a judge?

I fear MegaCorps the way you fear centralized government, for much the same reasons,

Too Big, too weird, too scary. And too powerful. But, look abroad, and see the same thing, in China, and it is pointed at us. If we can't figure out how to hold our own on the world stage, we are screwed, and MegaCorps don't care. Re-read Catch 22 by Joesph Heller, paying especial attention to Milo MinderBinder. Shipping all our jobs overseas, shortchanging our education systems, letting the rich rot in gated communities, is not going to work, no matter how much you pray.

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