Monday, May 25, 2009

Tax Lawyers for Using Court System to pay for Court System

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You can pay for the Superior Court system the same way we pay for highways. A tax on those who get the most benefits from them, i.e., the lawyers.

It works like this.

If, you act as an agent for anyone, and make use of the court system, and gain cash from such usage, you will pay 10% off the gross income from that transaction. It does not matter that the issue was settled in or out of court. The fact that any filing was made will indicate a willingness to use the bully pulpit of the court system for personal gain. For that usage, you shall pay. No if's, and's, but's, or whatever. The money collected goes to the court for their expenses.

Currently lawyers have passed laws that give them the exclusive rights to act as agents and to make use of the court system for personal gain. For this they shall pay. This is completely separate from any "filing fees" etc., and cannot be offset by them.

The current system has the general public footing the bill for the personal gains of the few that go into law. It's as if the taxi drivers got exclusive rights to drive the city streets and highways, and then got total exemption from paying any gasoline taxes.


Will such laws ever come into being? FAT CHANCE! The legis's are loaded with lawyers, who have carefully tailored the process so that only lawyers can afford to take the break in their careers to go into the legis's. Were other occupations offered guaranteed rights of return, you'd see a far more equitable distribution of occupations in the legis's.

This is a country of lawyers, by lawyers, and for lawyers, when it comes to looking at favored professions. Lawyers decided that corporations should be able to bully lobby, regardless of how massive they are. What a symbiotic relationship!

Oh, they'll pass it on to their clients? Well, they already are in a supposedly competitive market, so I think they will eat most of it.

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