Monday, January 14, 2008

Beating Heart Created in Lab, Consumer MegaHelp

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The Minnesota Lab that has revitalized a mouse heart by removing all the damaged tissue, and then bringing it back to life a week later, should probably get the Nobel prize for Medicine this year. So you live on an artificial heart for a week while your heart gets a complete rebuild, wonderful!

Want a human instead of a computer when you call into a MegaCorp? There's a complete guide for many major corporations at very, very, useful!

This link came from reading:

(no www)

Which is the American consumer finally fighting back.

The Beautiful American, check out the Microsoft exec who started, "Room to Read." Website to follow in update.

The Not so Beautiful Candidate.

Obama has just trashed himself with his attempt to capitalize on an out-of-context quote that mis-represents Hilary's views on the Civil Rights Movement, by ignoring the words, "get the job done." I will vote for Edwards (most forthright about the problems of American corporations) or Hilary (my wife says I'd better...:).

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