Friday, January 11, 2008

A Fistful of Dollars, Trying to Make Cents

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How to Stop Terrorists, the Quick Answer.

Stop giving them money.

Develop alternative energy using current technologies, and go on to invent more efficient and cheaper versions. American is more a nation of inventors than a nation of Christians. just look around at the companies in Nevada County! If you ask a foreigner to name 20 famous American inventions/inventors, vs. naming 20 famous American Christians, what quantities of correct answers will you get?

Move the religious shrines of Jerusalem to different locations, as they did when building the Aswan Dam during the 1960's.

" The reservoir raised concerns from archaeologists and a rescue operation was begun in 1960 under UNESCO. Sites were to be surveyed and excavated and 24 major monuments were moved to safer locations (see Abu Simbel) or granted to countries that helped with the works (such as the Debod temple in Madrid and the Temple of Dendur in New York)." (From WikiPedia)

Remember, that in any sense of absolute space, we are moving at a terrific velocity just spinning on the planet, which in turn travels around the sun, which in turn is traveling towards the Dog Star, in a galaxy which is but a glimmer on a soap buble in a cosmos we barely comprehend. "It happened "here," is all very relative. "It happened within these walls," is still valid.

So much to cover! 20 respected anthropologists who know a given area well must review and comment before any more cowboy Presidents start military actions on foreign soils.

To a certain extent, the Osameraneans, a group which contains some Wahabi's, but which does not contain even 1% of all Muslims, (we'd have a real problem if it did), are doing the old dog in the manger stunt. They don't want to be as happy as we are. They want us to be as miserable as they are. Thus there is not much to do in the way of reasoning with them.

Cut them off at the pass. Go solar now! Homeland Security begins with panels on your roof or yard. It's the sign of a true patriot, not a hummer vehicle with a flag paying for excessive oil and lining the terrorists' pockets. Besides, solar cuts your PG and E bill and gives you power when storms knock down lines.

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