Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Union Eats KVMR's Lunch Interactively

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Currently local The Union newspaper is beating the pants off our local public radio station, KVMR, in the area of two way, reader/listener interaction.

Where the KVMR 89.5, is all about "here's us, here's what we do, like it ? join here, thanks for the cash," the newspaper is set up with a clunky but usable interactive forum, where readers can comment about the news, and about one another's posts.

Why doesn't KVMR get a full blown forum going like can be created with the software, vBulletin, so that listeners can talk amongst themselves about the shows and events, especially the pre-taped shows where there is no call in activity possible ? Just asking. I'll personally stake 1/4 the cost of vBulletin for the first year, do I have three other supporters ? My guess they'd attract more members than necessary to offset the cost of additional web management, but of course, the possibility of negative notions about management is a risk they'd have to take. The Union seems to be taking that risk in stride, and Jeff Pelline regularly jumps into the fray.

Pick your favorite hobby or activity, punch it into Google search along with the word, vBulletin, and I'm sure you'll be intrigued with what the cat drags in.

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