Saturday, January 05, 2008

Sunspots Endangering This Blog, PGandE Circumlocutes

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Apparently we're in for a bumpy ride with the new cycle of sunspots:

Sunspots Affecting Everything

This 11 year cycle may contain a greater amount activity which will adversely affect radio communications on and around the earth. Everything electronic will be affected, including the tethered cell phone that connects my computer to the Blogger server. Interesting reading, as the weather may be affected too.

36 hours of no PG&E on the ridge. Last night they said the "men were on site," but that a "key guy had not yet arrived." I really would appreciate it if they'd simply list our street and the number of jobs it takes to fix it and the priority of those jobs, instead of hiring, "make the customer feel good," operators. They are indeed nice people, but I'd like reliable data, so I could plan to: go buy a new generator; go stay with friends; or just sit tight until it is fixed in a few hours. I'm sure if I call in again I'll be told, "they're waiting for a part." Or, "a big emergency just came up." Just give us simple access to the work flow charts. Oh yes they do exist. If they don't, we are really getting crappy service, as this sort of this needs to be organised somewhere, for efficient service.

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