Friday, January 18, 2008

Composting Toilets As Emergency Backups

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This is in regards the Royal Gorge proposal to stack miniMaco-miniums as high as possbile at Serene Lakes, near Donner Summit and Sugar Bowl, and to dump the sewage into the Yuba river.

My first suggestion is to monitor the UKnowWhat out of the river (pun intended). If the limits set are ever exceeded, even once, all the owners forfeit their property to the county, which will tear down what's not needed and build a park and homeless shelters, treading lightly on the land. Fines merely get passed on to the new owners in the fine, fine print, and are thus ineffective. Build it right the first time, or don't build it at all, and sell the land to someone who can figure it out correctly. Oh, you lose money ? That's called the invisible hand of the market. Nobody promised develpers a rose garden.

My follow-up is:

Actually, Composting Toilets Should be Required...

should the pollution limits be approached within 10 % of the maximum allowed. Each dwelling would have to have at least one. Install remotely activated valves to cut the water off to the regular toilets to insure compliance. Of course the developer will design the system so that these composting toilets, "should never be needed, except in extreme emergencies." A simple closet, with a simple toilet. That's all I ask. The closet will probably be instantly filled with stuff, and since the toilet platz itself takes up very little room in the closet, it will hardly be noticed, until it is needed.

by Keachie on Fri, 18 Jan 2008 23:25:06 PST

This system could be made a part of permitting in all environmentally sensitive areas where Macs and mini Macs are to be built.

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