Wednesday, January 16, 2008

California Losing Tax Revenue, Closing Parks, WHY?

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The Bigger Picture..."I Have a Scheme..."

Bush's "I Have a Scheme," plan leads to a war which must be financed, where to get the money ?

Business will not grow without consumers, so start making ridiculous offers both in the consumer credit industry and in the housing market to gullible idiots produced by schools that do not teach how the world really works (ANYONE CAN GET RICH IN THE USA, but NOT EVERYONE can get rich, the system would FALL APART, that's the UNTAUGHT LESSON.). Encourage the banks further by making bankruptcy pay, for them, in most cases. The cash flows for seven years and then peak oil comes along and trashes the consumers' even faintest hopes of getting free of debt.

Consumers begin defaulting, begin getting worried, stop buying stuff, other consumers now out of work because if they make or sell stuff, nobody buys, downward spiral. What to do, what to do ?

Dump it in the lap of the incoming Democratic President, and continue to provide shareholders with dividends (Bush's real beneficiaries, it's so, so much easier to hide maxi greed in dividends and acquisitions than in corporate salaries), and have no taxes on the wealthy or corporations.

Oh, yes Virginia, there are causes of park closings way beyond, "the state hasn't got enough taxes." Pin the rose on the Elephants in the Room, still stupidly trying to make cash out of polluting black painted oil guzzlers, instead of designing transit worthy of the American Tradition of Invention, both in design and sources of power.

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