Monday, January 07, 2008

Where Have All the Consumers Gone........

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....Long Time Passing

You might be interested in looking at the Federal Reserve Statistical report for October 2007. Credit cards are up "briskly."

The DoomsDay Report

The Consumers are All Busy Spending Tomorrow's Dollars today, and if they keep on having to pay more and more for gas to get to the jobs to make the money to pay food/rent/mortgages/etc INCLUDING CREDIT CARDS, something's gonna give.

You see, if those consumers no longer have the money or the credit to buy the goods that keep the other consumers working, then the other consumers won't be working to make the goods (or services) for which there are no buyers, and we finally discover the Flaw that Lies in House that Mastercard and VISA have built. This is an Economic CorkScrew pinwheeling itself faster and faster down to earth, with increasing oil prices adding an extra special boost.

The Republican Establishment Lies:

Businesses need more cheap money and labor to keep the economy going.

No they don't. They just need customers with money to buy the stuff or services they make or provide. If they don't have customers with cash, they are screwed. So, since all businesses know that expecting reliable returns above 10 - 12 % is completely unrealistic, they let the poor consumers take on the chin, encouraging interest rates all the way up to 30% these days, just to keep the mirage going a bit longer. When the bubble collapses, the banks wind up owning everything, and the cycle starts again. It's the Economy, Stupid!

MasterRetard Rides Again !

We need an amendment to the Constitution that limits interest (including all late fees etc) to never exceed 18% for the consumer on a nation wide basis. The California State Constitution limits usury rates to 10%, which is why the credit card cos are located in South Dakota, etc.

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