Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Too Many Lawyers, Or Just Out Of Control Attorneys

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Actually, A Country For, and By, Lawyers

Most Congresspeople have staff lawyers who actually do the work to make well researched laws. The Congresspeople merely take suggestions from their constituencies. Thus, anyone could be a Congressperson, with maybe one more explaining lawyer in the chain.

However, many, if not most, laws come pre-written by the lobbyists and their sponsoring corporations. Why something 100 million per year successful should have the right to bend laws even more in their favor is beyond me. Corporate Personhood may ultimately doom the USA.

Every law written has one extra beneficiary beyond the corporations, and that is one class of occupation. Can you guess which one ?

Case in point, will we ever have a tax on fees earned, by issues settled in or out of court, where there is a court filing, which helps support the court system ? Lawyers benefit from the court system the same way truckers benefit from the Interstate highway system. Truckers pay pump taxes, as do the rest of us, to maintain the roadways.

Do lawyers pay anything to maintain the court system, to hire more judges, to built more courtrooms, to make for speedier hearings and fewer post-phonements ? I don't think so. They like the system just the way it is. Bill both clients for the same hours spent waiting for things to be heard.

I'd suggest a flat tax of 10% on all income derived from a situation where there is a court filing, and an agent (lawyer, attorney, whatever), earns cash. All settlements must be known in detail to the IRS anyway, so there are no privacy issues here. The money collected goes to the court system in the county where the case is filed.

I'd also suggest a law that holds the spot of any working citizen who chooses to run for office, for that citizen, when his/her term(s) is(are) up. I would do this by paying the employer the citizen's full salary to help with finding a temporary replacement for the duration of the term. Should the employer go out of business, I'd provide severance pay for the out of work Congressperson for a time equal to the time served in Congress. This would bring other occupational groups into Congress, for a much needed change. Becoming a Congressperson is great for a lawyer's career. It's terrible for just about anyone else, especially those near the bottom of the economic chain, so they don't run for what would be economic suicide, unless they were guarranteed a win.

Do I think there's a snowball's chance in Iraq this will ever come to pass ? Not as long as Americans remain ignorant of how the world in general is out to screw them, and the powers that be continue to supply plenty of distractions. Just the top 10 advertisers in this country spent over 16 Billion last year. P&G at 2.36 Billion tops the list. Do you stink today ? We spend 2.36 Billion educating people on how not to be stinky.

You can thank Michael Dougherty, of Oakland California, an attorney, for my hard earned and expensive education in these matters. Without his amazing shinannigans, I would have never have thought this up.

BTW, a third young adult was involved and got killed, and will probably get a ton of money for his parents too. I'd love to see the money all go to videocams that watch...the crowd to catch other idiots in the act.

It happens everyday, I watched it growing up, but did enjoy throwing peanuts to the monkeys on the island, after a dip in the magnificent 1,000 foot long Fleishacker Pool, which was literally paved for a parking lot, about thirty years ago.

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