Friday, January 11, 2008

Two Possible Futures

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Osama is brilliant as a PR person. First he got everybody's attention.

Now it's possible, he builds for the long time conquest. He knows darn well that anything short of an economic (China and India) takeover or a nuclear attack at multiple sites, will fail to destroy the USA. He has successfully attracted the attention of those envious of the USA throughout the world, and enlisted them in his cause. He most likely will not make any further attacks on USA soil until he has the nukes in place in 15 to 30 years. Then comes the knockout punch. I recall a 17 year old genius in Florida who actually built (had machined, after designing it) a nuclear trigger that caught the attention of the FBI/CIA. That was back around 1991, and I haven't been able to find it yet on the Net, but I'm sure every country and person with nuke interests have got all those details.

So Bush is accurate to say that Iran is a real concern if they are busy refining the core fissle materials for the bomb. They've already built the trigger, that wasn't a problem with all the hints available around the world, and so no more "development" is needed. The program merely needs to take the final output of the centrifuges and voila, they have a working bomb. Once they have the genie, how long will it stay in the Iranian bottle ? Of course, Pakistan has way too many bottles and not enough security for them, and I think represents way more of a threat.

Stiffler's ( a local handle at The Union newspaper) 99.999% non hostile Muslims will not matter in this equation. They are merely pawns, if they are even consciously involved (which I doubt very much, as they would be vaporized too), serving as a smoke screen for a very dangerous situation. I really hate religions that go beyond telling you what to expect after death, and how to get along peacefully with your fellow travelers on this rather limited planet while alive.

The alternative is that Bush already knows where Osama is, and is waiting for just the right time to capture him, like say in October 2008, to maintain Republican control of the White House. The excuse will be, "we wanted to get as many subordinates as possible."

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